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"Sit with people and see where the conversation goes:" Another way to do ProD at VIU

Thanks to everyone who signed up and signed on to this pilot project. Our first meeting was held online on May 2nd, and we have created the working title "Sit with People and See Where the Conversation Goes." This is an open, organic group of (awesome!) employees at VIU who are getting together monthly online to share ideas, elicit feedback on projects/ potential initiatives/ research topics, work-life balance, opportunities, etc. The group remains open to anyone who would like to join. There is no prep and no obligation. Come with a question, an idea, a problem, or simply come to listen. The space is meant to be accessible, low-stakes, and low prep.

Currently, we have a group of 10 members from a variety of places and stages. Everyone is welcome, including graduate students.

This group is for anyone who is interested in connection, meeting colleagues, professional conversation, scholarly topics, and idea incubation. Come and get inspired, or inspire others.

If interested in getting on the participant list and receiving the invites, links, resources, and topics please reach out to Kathleen Bortolin.

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